Free Food Care and Shelter မိသားစုများ အတွက် စားဝတ်နေရေး

Myanmar is an emerging democracy hurt by 50 years of military rule, severe health pandemic and a recent military coup. We provide free food from international donors delivered to the poorest and most in need.

What is A Yeik?

A free food bank for the people of Myanmar who need it most funded by those that already have a better life in other countries. A Yeik means comfort, shade, shelter or oasis in our language Myanmar (also known as Burmese), think of a comfortable place in the shade under a tree out of the hot sun 🙂

အရိပ် (နားခိုရာ)

How It Works

Families who need food simple register with us using the ‘Get Free Food’ button above and we get donations from kind people in other countries like you using the ‘Donate Now’ button.

Our ecommerce partners then deliver the packages nationally, usually in batches by township or neighbourhood. eg typical ‘houses’ are in groups slums/informal/illegal housing/huts/bamboo poles with tarp or palm leaf roofing.

What Food Do They Get?

Typical food packages include rice, noodles, tinned fish, generic paracetamol, face mask, beans, folate (iron tablets) and sometimes more. There is enough for one week of self cooked very basic meals (spices and curry are widely available and inexpensive if they wish to supplement).

This is not a luxury ‘treat’ pack, it is a basic survival pack, we expect by providing these long life staples these families will have more flexibility with remaining cash to purchase fruit and vegetables locally which are uneconomic for us to provide at scale over long periods of time and large distances.

Food is provided absolutely free to families, delivery is included, zero costs are passed on to recipients.

A typical donation is US$75 to US$100 which provides around ten family packs home delivered to Myanmar families living in share houses, informal housing (DIY) and city and outer urban slums.

Today our focus is simply food, if you would like to help us reach our vision of including shelter and health care please contact us.

About Myanmar

Myanmar is also the name of our country (formerly known as Burma). We are located between China, India, Thailand, Laos and Bangladesh. Our GDP Per Capita is around 1/50th of most developed nations. Our health system is ranked as one of the worst in the world. We are improving rapidly but the journey is long.

Many people are left behind without food, care or shelter. ( aims to keep them alive while they work it out.

Myanmar is also the name of our people. We have 55 million people in an emerging democracy with 3 billion neighbours. Our people have survived wars (which continue today), cyclones and long term military rule and now we are emerging as a modern nation but we have limited resources.

The recent pandemic has made life particularly difficult with a mid 2020 UN Habitat study showing average household (not individual) incomes living in informal housing (do-it-yourself bamboo/plastic huts) were recently reduced by nearly two thirds to around USD$60 per month.

If you are feeling helpless, help someone.

– Aung San Suu Kyi


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